Perth County Ambulance

Perth County EMS responds to approximately 10,000 calls for service per year. There are 7 staffed ambulances on duty at 5 stations during the day and 6 staffed ambulances at 5 stations during the night. The EMS fleet also includes 3 spare ambulances, 2 supervisor response vehicles and an emergency support trailer.

Ambulance stations are located in the City of Stratford (leased from the hospital, needing replacement), the Town of St Marys (new in 2008 County owned), Listowel (1988 County owned), Mitchell (new in 2010 County owned) and Milverton (new in 2005 County owned). The EMS Headquarters are located in Stratford in offices leased from Festival Hydro. A building committee is currently planning a new EMS Headquarters / Station in east end of Stratford.